About Us

Disha is a center dedicated to the mental health and vocational guidance of children, adolescents and adults since 20 years.

From 1999 to 2019, Disha has come a long way. Today, in addition to the four of us, Disha has a staff of six, plus associate consultants, who assist us as and when required.

Our services, which began with aptitude testing, career guidance and individual psychotherapy, today cover the entire spectrum of services in mental health, ranging from clinical assessments, in-depth vocational guidance, workshops for various target groups, individual and group psychotherapy, assessments for gifted, hyperactive and autistic children, corporate assessments, and many more programmes.

Today our clients range from individual patients, students, educational institutes MNCs to NGOs

There were many challenges en-route this journey, each challenge of a different nature, each one testing us in different ways. Adapting the entirely Western theories and concepts to the Indian setting, working with limited budgets, working with tests that had in built limitations, battling prejudices of being too ‘young’ to tackle cases are only some of these challenges.

Happily though, we have met each challenge head on, and dealt with it as a team, never losing sight of what Disha stands for. We emerged wiser from each challenge, with new insights and thoughts, which we integrated in our efforts to make Disha a professional organisation.

There have been challenges of a different nature too, ones that were aimed at our, and Disha’s ethical and moral foundation. There were parents pressuring us to give doctored reports, clients wanting to take ethical shortcuts, colleagues and one time friends wanting to plagiarise tests and other copyrighted material. Many of these were difficult situations to tackle. But never once did our resolve to walk the straight path waver
and we can proudly say today that Disha has never been part of any unethical dealings. While our earliest lessons in values and ethics came from our parents, it was our teachers at Ruparel College, who instilled in us the utter importance of never compromising a single professional ethic. This has been so deeply ingrained in us, that no matter what the situation, Disha has never been tempted to compromise on its ethics and values.

These past 20 years has seen Disha grow from strength to strength. From a small venture started by four friends to a thoroughly professional organisation with a strength of 10 and a network of associates and consultants …… from an unknown entity to one of the better known counseling centers in the city …… from an organisation that offered standard services such as aptitude testing and individual psychotherapy to a mental health center that reaches out to various populations such as the intellectually gifted, the hyperactive, the emotionally disturbed.