Marital Counseling

Marriages made in Heaven, Counselled on Earth

Marriage Counseling in Mumbai

The most distressing human experience after the death of a family member is – Divorce. India proudly boasts of a 1% rate of divorce, the lowest in the world but there is a growing amount of simmering underlying unhappiness in many marriages. The need of the hour is to address how to maintain a healthy relationship and know how to fix your marriage, so that, it never reaches the door to divorce. Until recently, an ideal marriage or traditional arranged marriage in India was a union between two families. Marriage was an institution with a foundation to provide stability, succession and social status. Now, with love marriages, interracial marriages, and even gay marriages, couples are looking for a dependable confidant and a passionate lover. Happy marriages are no myth. Here are a few tips about living in a happy marriage – 1. Handle with integrity Dating and dreams are a…

Marital Counseling

Marriage Counseling: Myths and Facts

marriage counseling

Even in today’s modernized India, visiting a psychologist or a counselor is looked down upon by many people. For most people, a psychologist is only for the “crazy” people. This is far from reality. Psychologists can and do help people who are having difficulty coping with a current life situation. Most “normal” people go through certain crises, certain difficulties at varying points in their life, and at times it may become difficult to cope with these difficulties. At such times, counseling can definitely help! One such area in which a psychologist can help is when your marriage is going through a rough patch. Marital counseling or marital therapy is very much the need of the day. Day by day, psychologists see an increase in the number of couples who come to them to seek their help in sorting out their marriage……why is this the case? A look at the statistics…