Occupational Therapist approach to handwriting development


The development of writing ability is not only important in building a child’s self-esteem, but is considered an essential ingredient for success in school. Children spend 31% to 60% of their school day performing handwriting and other fine motor tasks, and difficulty in this area can interfere with academic achievement. Illegible handwriting can create a barrier to accomplishing other higher-order skills such as spelling and story composition. Despite the use of computers, hand-writing remains an important developmental skill for a child to master. In our society, handwriting is both a means of communication and a necessary life skill, as in writing a letter or telephone message, completing an application form, or writing a cheque. Handwriting ‘is still the most immediate form of graphic communication.  However, handwriting is not a simple fine motor task; it involves perceptual-motor skills, motor planning, visual perception, visual-motor integration, bilateral hand coordination, in-hand manipulation, kinesthesia, sustained…


Psychological Assessment of Children

IQ Assessment

We often meet parents asking us with a bewildered heart, “They have asked me to get him assessed. Is something wrong with him? Is my child crazy? ”. Honestly, Psychological Assessments may sound intimidating, but in truth is the best way designed to help you. So what is a psychological assessment? Who does it? How is it done? Will they use needles, will they medicate? Parents typically have many such questions. Let us understand this mystery that is psychological assessment! What is a Psychological Assessment? First and foremost, a psychological assessment is NOT a medical test. You do not require blood or urine samples, X-Rays or any medical paraphernalia. Most of the psychological tests are ‘paper-and-pencil’ tests. In simple words, your child may be asked to answer a set of questions, solve a few puzzles, work with some blocks – games and so forth. This is done to assess a child’s personality, intellectual functioning, emotional adjustment and…