Marital Counseling

Marriages made in Heaven, Counselled on Earth

Marriage Counseling in Mumbai

The most distressing human experience after the death of a family member is – Divorce. India proudly boasts of a 1% rate of divorce, the lowest in the world but there is a growing amount of simmering underlying unhappiness in many marriages. The need of the hour is to address how to maintain a healthy relationship and know how to fix your marriage, so that, it never reaches the door to divorce. Until recently, an ideal marriage or traditional arranged marriage in India was a union between two families. Marriage was an institution with a foundation to provide stability, succession and social status. Now, with love marriages, interracial marriages, and even gay marriages, couples are looking for a dependable confidant and a passionate lover. Happy marriages are no myth. Here are a few tips about living in a happy marriage – 1. Handle with integrity Dating and dreams are a…