Childhood Disorders


‘Mule hi deva gharchi phule’, one of the famous Marathi proverbs meaning- children are flowers from God’s own home. It expresses the emotions towards kids very accurately. As parents we find every child as a beautiful and delicate flower which we want to protect from every thorn. However, some things are out of our control e.g. developmental disorders in children which are inherited genetically, caused due to trauma during the term of pregnancy or caused after the birth of the infant. Following are few of the disorders which are largely observed in children: Autism Spectrum Disorder: The causal factors of ASD are not specific. It can be anything from genetic to any environmental trauma caused during infancy. It’s key symptom comprises of social impairments involving lack of interaction with others, inability to make and sustain conversation, lack of emotional expressions and gesture, repetitive behavior (verbal or physical), sensory disintegration, and…