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Nearly 5-10% school going children suffer from one type of learning disability which affects their performance in school!

India has an estimated population of 60,000 autistic people!

Early Intervention and Assessment can help diagnose children with problems and offer valuable help and remediation to them and their families

One of Disha's strengths is its assessment and diagnostic team:-

We conduct a variety of assessments for children , adolescents and adults

Child / Adolescent Assessments

We conduct the following child assessments:

Sessions required: 1-2

IQ and educational assessment:

Some children tend to underachieve, or may have academic problems. These could be because of several reasons. We conduct assessments with the purpose of understanding the main factors involved.

Sessions required: 2-3

ADHD Assessment:

We offer a comprehensive ADHD assessment package which includes a battery of tests. Included are reports attained from parents as well as the teacher. Often the symptoms of ADHD effect the childs academic and social functioning. We explore these areas too, in order to assess how significant the impact is and how they can be addressed.

Sessions required: 3-4

Learning Disability Assessment Package:

This is a comprehensive assessment of child suspected learning disability. It is conducted both in English and Marathi.

Sessions required: 1-2

Preschool & Developmental Assessment:

Our developmental assessment package helps assess your child cognitive, motor, social, emotional, physical, language and self help levels.

Sessions required: 3-4

Developmental Disorders Screening:

Screening for children suspected with developmental disorders such as autism, aspergers and other pervasive developmental disorders is done by our team of trained psychologists.

Sessions required: 3-4v

Gifted Assessment:v

Our gifted assessment program seeks to identify and assess those children students who are intellectually gifted. We have put together a special battery that will help assess this group.