We often meet parents asking us with a bewildered heart, “They have asked me to get him assessed. Is something wrong with him? Is my child crazy? ”. Honestly, Psychological Assessments may sound intimidating, but in truth is the best way designed to help you. So what is a psychological assessment? Who does it? How is it done? Will they use needles, will they medicate? Parents typically have many such questions. Let us understand this mystery that is psychological assessment! What is a Psychological Assessment?First and foremost, a psychological assessment is NOT a medical test. You do not require blood or urine samples, X-Rays or any medical paraphernalia. Most of the psychological tests are ‘paper-and-pencil’ tests. In simple words, your child may be asked to answer a set of questions, solve a few puzzles, work with some blocks and so forth. This is done to assess a child’s personality, intellectual…


An Unfortunate Journey from Hopefulness to Hopelessness

Why Suicide

Why Suicide? An Unfortunate Journey from Hopefulness to Hopelessness Everyone is surprised by the fact that how a powerful IPS Officer, a Reputed spiritual guru can commit suicide. As they were the one; who were giving hopes to multiple people around them.  HOW CAN THEY even think of committing suicide? Now-a-days in addition to that we see people from farmers, comedians, LGBTQ population, football fans, students, adults and even Senior Citizens taking such a drastic step. What are the reasons? What is the root cause? Why is this happening? Is it preventable? Yes. It is preventable. Being the psychologist that’s the major reason I thought I need to write something concrete about it. A very simple answer to the question asked above is, most of them who committed suicide were patients of depression and to be very precise “AN UNDIAGNOSED DEPRESSION”. Answer seems very simple but then why we are not being…


Manage Your Stress Better

Manas, a young man of 24 is an ambitious individual who wants to become rich fast. He works in an international call center which pays him well. He has taken up permanent night shift so that he can earn more. Apart from that he is also involved in a small scale business which makes him work in the mornings. He hardly spends time with his family members and is perpetually on the go. Phone calls, visits to clients, pressurizing work at the call center, traveling, trying to meet deadlines….. is how the day passes for Manas. Of late, Manas feels tired all the time, he does not feel an interest in anything, gets severe headaches, does not feel like getting out of the bed in the morning…. The list of problems just goes on. Just two days back he made a big blunder in his office and was issued a…

ADHD Assessment

२१ व्या शतकातील पालकत्व

child psychology

Paalak%va (parenting) ho ik%yaok vaYaa-pasaUna caalat Aalaolao Asalao trI %yaat saat%yaanao badla haot Aalaolao Aahot. pNa palak%va hI p`iËyaa 21 vyaa Satkat Aavhanaa%mak JaalaolaI Aaho ho mhNaNao vaavagao zrNaar naahI. pUvaI- palakaMnaI nausato DaoLo maaozo kolao trI maulao SaaMt haot Asat, prMtu Aa<aacaI maulao ASaI naahIt.%yaaMnaa hI gaaoYT nakao k$ ho jarI mhTlao tr to ka? Asaa p`Sna ivacaarNyaasa Qajaavat naahIt. AapNa sava- palak%vaacaI BaUimaka p`ya%na AaiNa cauka krt par paDt Asatao. PaNa 21 vyaa SatkatIla maulaaMnaa vaaZivatanaa palak%vaacao vaacana %yaabaraobarcaa AByaasa mah%vaacao Jaalao Aaho.   Asaa p`Sna tyaar hao} Saktao, jar [t@yaa vaYaa-pasaUna palak%va caalat Asalao trI maga Aa<aa 21 vyaa Satkatca palak%vaacaI garja ka Baasat Aaho ? maga %yaalaa Aaplao AaQauinakIkrNa mhNata yao} Sakto. jasao ik pUvaI- Toilaivhjanacao maaQyama haoto, pNa [t@yaa vaaihnyaa (Channels) navh%yaa. tsaoca ivhiDAao gaoma, PSP, Play station, Internet, maaobaa[-lavarcao gaoma tsaoca KaNyaatIla kahI gaaoYTI, QaavapLIcao jaga yaa savaa-Mcaa maaozyaa p`maaNaavar maulaaMvar pirNaama haot Asatao. tovha palak%vaacao QaDo palakaMnaI igarvaayalaa hvaot Asao maanasaSaas~& yaa naa%yaanao…