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Emotional Self Care

Emotional Self Care

“Emotional Self Care” the term itself is so enriching. But do we really take care of that? Do we really spend time for ourselves? Do we have that “ME” time where we take care of ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually? If I ask this question mostly everyone will say “NO”. We don’t as we don’t have time. May be you are taking time out for exercise. Possibly you are working on yourself spiritually by praying daily. But what about mental health?

If you have travelled by airplane they make announcement separately that, “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then on others in emergency situations”. It is very simple to understand. If you cannot help yourself. You cannot help others.

Do we really take a break and spend time for ourselves for our mental health? On the occasion of mental health month 2019, I would like to introduce this topic to you all. Emotional self care is extremely important in any individual’s life. This is the task which no one can do for you. YOU HAVE TO DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

Emotional Self Care

Here are some quick tips to take care of yourself –

1. Learn to say YES to yourself and your NEEDS.

2. Start listening to your body. Don’t stress it.

3. Become aware about your Language. How you speak with others and yourself.

4. Learn to identify triggers to your emotions and deal with them emotionally.

5. Learn to be in Present moment i.e. HERE & NOW.

6. Ask for help whenever needed. It can be from your coach, mental health professional or someone you trust to support you on your journey.

Self Care

7. Make time in your schedule for rest.

8. Take time out to understand what is bothering you.

9. Develop the habit of gratitude.

10. Give unconditionally and allow yourself to receive unconditionally- no strings attached.

11. Practice self- compassion daily & become aware about what you talk with yourself i.e. SELF-TALK.

12. Allow yourself to make mistakes and realise no one is perfect.

13. Have some fun. Enjoy life and engage in creative activities.

14. ACCEPT YOURSELF the way you are.

15. Say to yourself daily “I trust the process of life.”

Ms.Netra Kher

Counseling Psychologist

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