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Marriage Counseling in Mumbai

The most distressing human experience after the death of a family member is – Divorce.

India proudly boasts of a 1% rate of divorce, the lowest in the world but there is a growing amount of simmering underlying unhappiness in many marriages. The need of the hour is to address how to maintain a healthy relationship and know how to fix your marriage, so that, it never reaches the door to divorce.

Until recently, an ideal marriage or traditional arranged marriage in India was a union between two families. Marriage was an institution with a foundation to provide stability, succession and social status. Now, with love marriages, interracial marriages, and even gay marriages, couples are looking for a dependable confidant and a passionate lover.

Happy marriages are no myth. Here are a few tips about living in a happy marriage –

1. Handle with integrity

Dating and dreams are a must but both partners in a marriage need to prepare for real life situations with more integrity. Commit only what you can give to your spouse. Whether it’s about a home or finances or children, be truthful about what you seek from your partner before entering into a long-term marital relationship. Stable marriages are where couples share power, buy a house, have kids, work, and shoulder responsibilities equally.

2. Have the mindset, you are stuck

Family conditioning keeps us stuck but for a good reason. To have A healthy relationship in marriage the mindset has to be ‘we are for one another’ and ‘we are forever’. After that, it’s about unraveling and learning new patterns that will help each other adjust to a new life together.

3. Delete digital drama

Today, with extensive use of digital devices in every home, there is limited face-to-face interaction even amongst husbands and wives. Discuss. Don’t dramatize over a WhatsApp message or on Facebook. Instead, confide in a friend or a marital counselor. Marital counseling can help to address patient’s gaming addictions, social media addictions and even addictions to porn.

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4. Identify the differences, distractions, disagreements

Why am I unhappy in my married life? Have my expectations changed? Often, we are embroiled in our own negative thoughts which cause a larger rift in what is known as a perfect marriage. Once you begin to question you will find potential solutions.  A step towards relationship therapy may help to work through every snag to save the marriage. Afterall, unsolved problems are the biggest marriage killer.

5. Call out when cracks appear

If you are fed up with your spouse, it may just be the time for marital counselling. A marriage counselor or couples’ therapist or psychologist is trained to bring out real emotions underlying the situation which has led to the growing distance between the couple. Issues like sexual incompatibility, infidelity, alcohol addictions, and mental abuse are addressed by the therapist. Working with a marriage counsellor allows you to gain a new perspective and save your marriage.

On the other hand, why not take a session in marriage counselling as a preventative measure? Couples counselling and relationship therapy can teach you to set clear expectations, to communicate effectively and be prepared to face reality from day one of the marriage.

Conclusion: Unrealistic expectations and lack of communication cause cracks in a marital relationship. Contemporary love and marriage are difficult to define. Today even if marriages are made in Heaven, they need to be counselled on Earth to remain fulfilled. Love, honesty, sharing, caring, communication, selflessness may need an occasional nudge. Reach out India. Don’t be afraid to talk to a marriage counsellor if that’s all it takes to save your marriage.

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