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Careers in Arts

Careers in Humanities

The stream of Humanities popularly termed as the Arts stream includes the study of human beings, the society they live in, their interrelationships and behavioral patterns. It encompasses subjects like psychology, philosophy, economics, sociology, geography, history, political science and literature. Sound analytical and verbal abilities are mandatory for entering this stream. This stream is open for students after 10th standard.

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Careers in Archaeology

Archaeology can be defined as knowledge of ancient art, customs, and the field that studies extinct relics and ruins. Archeologists study coins, artifacts, pottery, sculptures and other objects to derive information. Deep curiosity about the past, artistic sensibility, ability to work long and arduous hours, being research minded as well as manual dexterity to handle delicate and valuable objects are essential skills to be successful in this field. The entry route is either after graduation in history or it is usually integrated in a master's degree in Ancient Indian History, or offered as an exclusive master's degree programme. Numismatics and epigraphy are the two areas of specialization offered. The former study old coins while the latter study inscriptions.

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Careers in Geography

Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that seeks to understand the world - its human and physical features - through an understanding of place and location. The job of a geographer involves surveying, mapping, cartography and even the use of some meteorological tools. Good observation skills, skill for drawing inferences based on compiled information, writing reports and making judgments are a must for this field. One can complete graduation in geography after HSC Arts. At the postgraduate level, one could pursue areas of study such as urban and regional planning, economic geography, political geography, physical geography, cartography, or specialize in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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Careers in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a very new area where geographers use computers and communication technology for mapping, data compilation and analysis. In order to take up a post-graduate program in GIS, it is necessary to have taken it up as a subject at the graduate level. At the post graduate leve,l students take up an area for special study. Advanced studies in meteorology or oceanography require a science degree in geography or applied geography or geological sciences.

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Careers in History

History is the study and research of major social, political, cultural, and economic events of the past, and provides a perspective on events that have shaped the contemporary world. Sound perceptual and reasoning abilities, patience and a keenness to know and understand the past historical events, ancient facts and information are necessary to make a career in History. One can complete graduation in History after HSC Arts. Career options could be in the fields of Archeology, Numismatics, Epigraphy, Archival science, Museology, Ancient Indian Culture and Art History.

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Careers in Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of understanding the nature of the universe, man, ethics, art, love, purpose of life and so on. It tries to answer the most fundamental questions that arise in our reflection of ourselves and our place in the natural world. Rigour and precision in thinking and creativity are essential qualities needed to pursue this field. One can do graduation in Philosophy after HSC Arts. Although a philosophy degree is not an essential qualification for any particular career, the analytical and critical skills developed through the study of philosophy prepare the graduates for a variety of professions, including computing, journalism, administration and the law.

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Careers in Political Science

Political Science involves the study of structure and complex processes in government essential for assuring safety and fairness to the people under it. Good communication skills in speech and writing, independent and analytical way of thinking, tolerance for others and interest and concern for current affairs are essential aspects needed for this profession. One can do graduation in Political Science after HSC Arts. Career options could be in the fields of teaching, civil services, public affairs, social work, international relations, law, media, government services and politics itself.

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Careers in Psychology

Psychology is the discipline that adopts a systematic approach to the understanding of people and their behavior. It incorporates the study of perception, memory, emotions, motives and attitudes. Psychologists apply this understanding of human behavior to help solve human problems. Sound reasoning abilities, good communication and listening skills, an interest in the scientific method, empathy and patience, and a warm and easy manner are essential aspects of this profession. One can complete graduation in psychology after HSC Arts. Specializations in Psychology include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social psychology, child psychology, educational psychology, industrial psychology and so forth.

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Careers in Regional Languages

Regional Languages include the in-depth study of the complex word concepts and intricacies involved in any given language. Good verbal and reasoning abilities, a flair for being creative, understanding the subtle nuances and flavor of that particular language and a sound knowledge of grammar and semantics is essential to succeed in the area of languages. At the same time, one also needs to have some insight into the cultural and geographical aspects that could influence the particular language in question. One can complete graduation in the regional languages after HSC Arts. Career avenues are in the area of journalism, translation, teaching and so forth.

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Careers in Sociology

Sociology is the systematic study of relationships among humans; about their social life, and consequences of human behavior on the society. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, and how people interact within these contexts. Analytical skills, ability to interpret information, planning and organizational ability, written and oral communication skills and research skills are essential qualities needed to pursue this profession. One can do graduation in Sociology after HSC Arts.

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Careers in Economics

Economics is the study of how goods and services are produced and distributed, thereby including the study of production processes as well as distribution processes. Economists also study the most effective means of utilizing available resources in virtually every sector. Good numerical and analytical ability, interest in current affairs, good communication skills in speech and writing and also the ability to analyse and assess implications are essential. One can do graduation in Economics after HSC Arts. Specializations are offered at the postgraduate level such as rural economics, welfare economics, public finance and so forth. Economists have tremendous scope of work in sectors such as business and trade, banking and finance, government enterprises, education and communications.

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