Careers in Arts

Careers in Humanities

The stream of Humanities popularly termed as the Arts stream includes the study of human beings, the society they live in, their interrelationships and behavioral patterns. It encompasses subjects like psychology, philosophy, economics, sociology, geography, history, political science and literature. Sound analytical and verbal abilities are mandatory for entering this stream. This stream is open for students after 10th standard.

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Careers in Economics

Economics is the study of how goods and services are produced and distributed, thereby including the study of production processes as well as distribution processes. Economists also study the most effective means of utilizing available resources in virtually every sector. Good numerical and analytical ability, interest in current affairs, good communication skills in speech and writing and also the ability to analyse and assess implications are essential. One can do graduation in Economics after HSC Arts. Specializations are offered at the postgraduate level such as rural economics, welfare economics, public finance and so forth. Economists have tremendous scope of work in sectors such as business and trade, banking and finance, government enterprises, education and communications.

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About Us

Disha is a center dedicated to the mental health and vocational guidance of children, adolescents and adults since 20 years.

We render a variety of services, namely aptitude testing, career guidance, psychotherapy, family counseling and so forth.

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Disha Counseling Center News & Events

Disha is a center dedicated to the mental health and vocational guidance of children, adolescents and adults since 15 years.

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  • Corporate Testing: More Details: Developmental Assessments Career Assessments for Fresh Graduates
  • Study Skill Workshops @ Disha for VII-X Std students Call 24384575

Disha Counseling Center Career News

Disha Counseling Center announces Online Internship for Psychology Students.

Asha Shree Endowment for Graduate or post-graduate professional degree courses Scholarship Opportunities