Careers in Computers

Careers in Animation

Animation creates sequences of motion picture art that tell a story or communicate a message with the advent of powerful computers and software such as 3D Studio Max, Alias, and so forth. Nearly all animation work is now done on the computer. Computer animators rely less on traditional graphic design expertise and more on proficiency in using the animation software. However, good drawing skills are always an asset. For this field one also requires sound spatial as well as analytical ability. Many institutes offer courses in animation that are open to graduates as well as undergraduates. Animation can be taken up a a three year B.Des course.

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Careers in Computer Applications

Computer Applications is a field of computers that is concerned with the application of software to the needs of the user. Success in this field calls for good numerical and analytical ability. ABC can opt for a Bachelor's in Computer Applications (BCA) or Computer Science (BCS), and then go on to pursue a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). The broad objective of the MCA programme is to prepare graduate students for productive careers in software industry. The programme's thrust is on giving the students a thorough and sound background in theoretical and application-oriented courses relevant to the latest computer software development. It emphasizes the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing, communications / networking and commercial problems. One needs to have good reasoning and numerical abilities to succeed in this field.

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Careers in Computer Science

ABC has expressed an interest in Computer Science. The degree course is open to PCM students. The course focuses on building a strong base in maths, statistics and electronics with basic concepts of computers. Programming languages such as Pascal and MS Office Suite are also taught. With the base in maths and electronics established, the focus is shifted to computer science, programming and software engineering.

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Careers in Database Administrator

A Database Administrator is responsible for the smooth functioning of an organization's database. Key tasks include creating backups, verifying data integrity, access controls, smooth performance of the database at all times, and essentially ensuring that the database functions optimally and efficiently. To become a database administrator, one needs to have good analytical and problem solving ability. ABC will have to opt for a certification from Oracle, which is the largest provider of DBA products and services. A graduate degee in engineering or computer scienec/information technology is preferable.

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Careers in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ABC has expressed an interest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP aims to create a unified system by integrating all the processes and data in an organization. This is usually done with the help of multiple software and hardware components and one central database where all the information is stored. Developed by the SAP company, the ERP can be a complex system, and developing the same calls for considerable perseverance, analysis, and good problem solving ability. Typically, a big team works on the ERP implementation for a given organization, and comprises of systems architects, business process consultants, database administrators, developers, consultants and so forth.

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Careers in game designers

With the advent and popularity of computer games, consoles and play stations, game designers are very much in demand. Game Designing is the process of designing a computer game. A game designer designs the layout and the concept of the game. Success in this field calls for good language abilities, and good programming and art skills are also helpful. Designers should also be creative with the ability to understand the interactive entertainment; and artists aware of 3D packages like 3D Studio Max or Alias Wavefront, "Maya", Adobe Photoshop.

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Careers in Game Development

Game Development is the process of producing a computer game. The popularity of computer games has made this a profession that is much in demand. The game development team which consists of programmers, game designers, artists and the management. The skill sets required are: C & C++, Direct X Open GL, computer graphics, data structures, etc (for programmers); the designers should be creative with the ability to understand interactive entertainment; and artists aware of 3D packages like 3D Studio Max or Alias Wavefront, "Maya", Adobe Photoshop. Game development can be studied at the undergraduate level. Alternately, one can complete one's graduation and opt for a post graduate course in the same.

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Careers in Hardware

Hardware includes production, servicing, R & D and maintenance of computers. Hardware engineers are concerned with developing new designs and modifying earlier ones. They are primarily concerned with work related to the chip, circuit design and computer. Success in this dynamic field requires sound analytical, mechanical and spatial skills. An ability to learn new concepts, keep up to date about new developments and design are also essential. Hard work, patience and the ability to do meticulous work are also important factors in this field. Entry could either be though a degree or diploma in computer engineering.

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Careers in Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking: Professionals related to discipline of computer hardware research and computer network developments are called as hardware and networking engineers. Networking involves the practice of linking a group of two or more computer systems for sharing data and information. Hardware involves in design and supervises manufacturing and installation of hardware. Job options are in hardware manufacturing companies, system design companies, software companies, call centers, telecom companies, BPO companies and hardware repair shops. Hardware and networking professionals can also start own business ventures in the form of maintenance and assembling. One needs to have good reasoning and mechanical abilities to succeed in this field.

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Careers in Information Technology

Large multinational and national firms are designing computer systems solutions to business problems. Courses ranging from certificate level to degree level are imparted by both government and private institutions. The field of Information Technology encompasses a variety of options. It includes jobs from software programming to IT consultancy. IT is concerned with design, development and implementation of complex software systems. Success in this field calls for good numerical and analytical abilities. ABC can opt for a Bachelor's in Information Technology (BSc. IT) after completing his HSC with maths from any stream.

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Careers in Microprocessor Programming

The field of Microprocessor Programming is a super specialized one. It is a highly skilled job area, and entails putting in long hours of work. XYZ will have to gain mastery over C language and microprocessor programming to enable her to get a good job in this area. However, as this is a niche area, she would have excellent prospects provided she is good at her job.

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Careers in computer Networking

The field of computer Networking is concerned with the communication between various computer systems. Essentially, networking professionals work to establish communication between different computer programmes or applications so that these are able to share data. Success in this field requires good mechanical, analytical and numerical ability.

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Careers in Operating System Development

In order to work in the field of Operating System Development, he will need to gain mastery over C, C++ and embedded languages.

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Careers in PLC programmers

PLC programmers are involved in chip level programming for lathe machines. Specifically, they work on programming microprocessors for big computers required in manufacturing plants and so forth. In other words, the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used to control machinery, and a PLC programmer has to write the programme that will control the running of the various aspects of the machinery. Once programmed, the programme can repeatedly run using the same commands. Today's PLCs are quite complex, involving many kinds of networks, one of which is the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), in which ABC has trained. ABC can seek for job prospects in this area. This is a niche industry, and for him to do well in this field, he will need to excel in his job.

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Careers in Program Analyst's

A Program Analyst's job is to study a particular program. He understands client needs and determines which program meets the needs of the client, or whether a particular program would need to be modified or enhanced to suit the client's needs. Often, the program analysts and the developers work as a team.

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Careers in Programming

Programming is concerned with the writing, testing, and trouble shooting of various computer programmes. A programmer either develops a new program or modifies an existing one. Programming is one of the most fundamental aspects of modern information technology, and the aim of programming is to evolve a programme that meets customer specifications. In order to succeed in programming, one needs mastery over at least one programming language, preferably several (such as C, COBOL and so on) as well as excellent analytical and numerical abilities.

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Careers in SAP

The name SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing which creates a common centralised database for all the applications running in an organization. SAP is a highly specialised skills area which provides the capability to manage financial, asset and cost accounting, production operations and materials, personnel, plants and archived documents.

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Careers in Web Designer

The job of a Web Designer is to make websites that are appealing and attractive to internet users. There is immense scope for creativity in the use of graphics, photographs and colors on a web page. Web designers are expected to be proficient in HTML, DHTML, FrontPage and CSS. Apart from aesthetic sense and a know how of information architecture, a web designer should be proficient in using computer based design tools like Abode Photoshop, and web design programs like Macromedia, Dreamweaver, and so forth. A good web designer is also expected to have some awareness of scripting languages like Pearl, VBScript, as they might help them to make their designs functional. Web designing also requires creativity and good visual imagination.

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Careers in Testing

Testing is an important aspect in any IT company, and particularly in companies that introduce new software products into the market. A tester tests whether a particular product meets certain pre-requisites, rules and standards. The role of a tester is important during the implementation stage of a new program, during product development as well as support projects. To make a career in this, XYZ will have to specialize in a chosen field (such as Oracle, JAVA, Linux, and UNIX) and so forth and then get specific training in testing. One also needs to be familiar with programming languages like VB, VB.net, C, C++ and so on. Several private institutions offer certifications in testing. One can opt for this field after completion of graduation preferably in field of computers like B.Sc. in I.T.

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