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Careers in Other sectors

Careers in Advertising

Advertising involves the process of designing a message to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. The advertising industry can be divided into 3 major departments: creative department, client-servicing department and media department. The creative department deals with both verbal as well as the visual aspect of an advertisement. The client-servicing department is the main liaison between the client and the agency. The media department deals with the advertising aspect. Each department needs special abilities to succeed. For example, those handling the verbal content of an advertisement should possess excellent verbal and written skills, good imagination, and the ability to transfer ideas into words. One can opt for this field after HSC, by taking up BMM (Bachelors in Mass Media) course and specializing in the field of advertising, or one could pursue a post graduate course in the same.

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Careers in Airhostess / Air Steward

A successful Airhostess / Air Steward needs to have a sociable and warm personality. Good communication skills, fluency in English, grace, poise and good etiquette are mandatory for success. Agility, stamina, high stress resilience, and the mental and physical tenacity to work for long hours are also vital. Confidence and good physical grooming are often deciding factors, and thus an individual must pay special attention to this aspect. One needs to have sound verbal reasoning and analytical skills to succeed in this field. Most private institutes that offer airhostess training prefer graduates, who have knowledge of a foreign language.

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Careers in Architecture

Architecture is concerned with the design of buildings and other structures. In order to enter this field, one requires superior spatial, analytical and numerical skills, along with a keen observation, a pragmatic and rational approach, and creativity. The academic route into this field is to enroll into either a degree or diploma course. Admission is based on an entrance exam, which can be given after completion of 10+2 from any stream (with Maths as a subject), after which one can go onto do one's B.Arch.

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Careers in Indian Army

The Indian Army constitutes of the infantry, armoured tanks, artillery, engineers, communication troops and other support troops. One can enter the Army after completing HSC from any stream. Alternately, one can also complete one's graduation and enter the army through the graduate entry scheme after appearing for the Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE). One needs to have good intellectual functioning and good analytical abilities. One also needs to be perseverant, dedicated, patriotic and committed to the field.

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Careers in Banking

With the advent of the multi national banks, Banking has become a career that offers immense prospects for growth and advancement. Graduates can apply for banking positions in RBI, SBI and nationalized commercial banks, where entry is usually through competitive examinations. Positions in this field range from the clerical staff to Grade A and Grade B officers. In foreign and private banks individuals begin as officers and can work up their way to the managerial level. XYZ can take up commerce, and specialize in banking and insurance, which will provide him with the necessary knowledge to do well in this stream.

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Careers in Beautician

The work of a Beautician calls for a sound knowledge of beauty products and their usage. It involves helping clients look more presentable and knowing the latest styles in hair styling, dressing and make up. One needs to have a good aesthetic sense. One also needs to have good communication skills and an in-depth understanding of the client's needs. One would need to have sound psychomotor ability. XYZ can opt for a course in hair and beauty after completing her class 10. The Maharahstra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) offers courses which range in duration from six months to one year. Many private institutes also offer courses in hair and beauty.

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Careers in Choreography

ABC has shown a keen interest in the field of Choreography, which is a creative field. One needs to have talent and imagination, an innate understanding of line, rhythm and melody, as well as immense dedication and perseverance to be successful in this field. It is also necessary to have good interpersonal and communication skills.

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Careers in Commercial Arts

Commercial Arts (Applied Art) is the application of the different types of art for commercial purposes such as creating advertisements, billboards, book jackets, window displays, cinema slides, technical catalogues, packaging and so on. One needs to be highly creative and have good visualization ability. As this field is related to media and entertainment, one needs to have the art of marketing and publicity. Applied art could be considered after HSC, with English as one of the subjects. ABC will also have to appear for the MAH-AAC-CAT entrance exam.

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Careers in Copy Writing

Copy Writing is related to the field of advertising. A copy writer's job is to use words to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. Essentially, a copy writer has to write the copy in a manner that would appeal to the consumer or the target group to buy a particular product. Good verbal communication skills, a flair for generating catchy by-lines, creativity and the ability to work for long hours are mandatory for success in this field. Copywriting can be pursued after a formal training in mass communication, languages, or advertising. ABC can opt for this field after HSC, by taking up BMM (Bachelors in Mass Media) course and specializing in the field of advertising, or he could pursue a post graduate course in the same.

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Careers in Beauty Science

Since she is interested in beauty science, she could consider the option of Cosmetology, which entails courses in hair styling and beauty. These can be done as diploma course via the MSBTE. For foreign certification, she can consider CIDESCO certifications. Hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, and electrology are the specializations or various fields of Cosmetology.

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Careers in Dance

Dance is an unconventional career choice; one that involves considerable risk and uncertainty. Yet, the opportunities un this field today, are far more immense now than they were before due to the advent of reality shows, dance stage shows, choreography in films, teaching in schools and so forth. A dancer could either be a performer, choreographer or teacher. If she possesses the talent, she can put in efforts in that direction while continuing with her formal education. The Mumbai University and several other universities offer a post graduate degree in dance to people who are keen on the same.

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Careers in Dramatics

Dramatics or acting is a field that requires patience, dedication, and hard work. Adaptability, ability to work with others, and discipline are other essential characteristics. Actors need to have talent and creativity, as well as high self-esteem. If ABC is keen on this field, and thinks she possesses the necessary qualities, she can pursue education in the same. Most institutes offer diplomas after graduation. However, since this is an uncertain field and entails considerable risk and uncertainty, it is recommended that she pursue her studies and also continue to make efforts in this direction. The Film Institute, Pune and the National School of Drama (NSD) are some of the premier institutions that offer formal training in dramatics.

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Careers in Private Detective

Private Detectives offer investigative and protective services to clients. They handle cases concerning family disputes, domestic violence, industrial espionage, fraud, theft, divorce and so on. The work could involve investigative tasks such as locating and tracing missing persons, investigating witnesses and so forth. One should have interest in getting to the root of the problem. The skills needed are problem solving, organized work habits, self-discipline, and good interpersonal communication. The detectives also need to be good at written and spoken communication, report writing, researching and computational skills.

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Careers in Disc Jockey

A Disc Jockey (DJ) needs to have sound knowledge of music, has to be smart enough to feel the pulse of the audience, have a good sense of rhythm and play music that keeps the audience enthralled. Presently there are only basic courses available in this area. One has to mainly learn through practice and take on the job experience to increase ones expertise. If ABC feels he has the necessary traits he can opt for a certificate course in the same after his HSC. However it is suggested that he also take a formal education in some field as this field is an unconventional field and involves uncertainty.

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Careers in Early Childhood Education

ABC has expressed an interest in Early Childhood Education. Teaching young children calls for immense patience, the ability to handle young children, good understanding of basic concepts and the ability to communicate the same effectively to young children. ABC possesses a fairly warm and outgoing personality and is emotionally well balanced. Thus, this could be a good option for her. She can opt for a diploma in early childhood training and education after completing her HSC.

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Careers in Event Management

Event Management is concerned with the complete organization and management of an event. Good communication skills, both written and oral, an ability to interact with different types of people, a sound knowledge base about current affairs and a well-groomed personality is required for a successful event manager. One can consider doing a diploma in event management after completion of HSC. An event management course covers aspects of event marketing, planning, finance, advertising, and logistics management and so forth. As ABC possesses the necessary personality traits and sound verbal ability, this would definitely be a good option for him.

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Careers in Fine Arts

Fine Arts include drawing, painting and sculptures. Painting involves designing murals, portraits, sceneries using various types of medium and on different surfaces. Sculpting is the creation of statues and monuments by chiselling stone, carving wood or handling clay. One needs to be a highly creative and imaginative individual who also has good eye hand co-ordination as well as good spatial ability. Fine art could be considered after 12th standard (with English as a subject). Entry is through the MAH-AAC-CAT entrance exam.

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Careers in Film Editing

Film Editing can be pursued after HSC from any stream. An editor's task is to modify the film in a way that will grab and hold the audience's attention. Basically, an editor works on the shot material, cuts, edits, and places them in a skilful manner. Good precision and ideation skills, and the ability to work long hours are crucial for success in this field.

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Careers in Film Making

The area of Film Making involves many different departments like production, direction, editing, sound, cinematography and so forth. To succeed in the film industry, one needs to have a strong will, determination and love for what one does, especially as one may face repeated failures or rejections before achieving success. The ability to work as part of a huge team, the ability to work in unstructured and ambiguous situations, creativity, and the ability to stay calm under pressure are also important. Depending upon his area of interest, XYZ can opt for a course in film direction, editing, sound technology and so forth after completing his HSC. Film Institute, Pune, is a premier institute where this training is provided. There are also other, private institutes that provide training in the same. Alternately, he can pursue his graduation and opt for the same.

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Careers in Fitness Trainers

Fitness Trainers, or Gym Instructors are trained in various forms of exercises, aerobics, and physical training, and are involved in coaching people achieve right levels of fitness. ABC can train for the same under some of the premier fitness academies while at the same time, also learn various fitness forms such as Yoga, aerobics, power yoga, calisthenics and so forth.

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Careers in Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages include the in-depth study of the complex word concepts and intricacies involved in any given language. Good verbal and reasoning abilities, a flair for being creative, understanding the subtle nuances and flavour of that particular language and a sound knowledge of grammar and semantics is essential to succeed in the area of languages. At the same time, one also needs to have some insight into the cultural and geographical aspects that could influence the particular language in question. One can complete graduation in the foreign languages after HSC or there are private reputed institutes which offer a course equivalent to a graduate degree.

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Careers in Home Science

Home Science graduates learn all the skills related to home management and develop professional skills for a wide spectrum of jobs ranging from dress designing, house keeping, education and research. Home science students can specialize in subjects such as dietetics and nutrition, human development, community resource management and textile / fashion technology after 12th standard. The study and work in any of these areas requires essentially application of knowledge to practical skills. The subject is largely scientific in nature and hence requires an analytical mind and scientific acumen. ABC can consider this option as she has average analytical ability. The SNDT University and Nirmala Niketan are premier institutes in Mumbai that offer home science degree programmes.

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Careers in Hotel Management

Hotel Management involves work in varied aspects of the hotel industry such as administration, front office or reception, sales and marketing, food and beverage, housekeeping and so forth. Success in the field of hotel management requires a good intellectual functioning, a pleasing personality, the ability to interact with different types of people, good verbal communication skills, presence of mind and enthusiasm. To enter this field, ABC will have to appear for the Joint Entrance Exam organized by the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition after completing his HSC. Alternately, he can opt for a degree or diploma in hotel management from one of the many private institutes.

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Careers in Hospital Administration

Hospital Administration is concerned with organising and managing personnel, equipment and support services in hospitals. Administrators are responsible for hiring and supervising personnel, handling budgets, the fee schedule to be charged to patients, and establishing billing procedures. They also assist in planning space needs, purchasing supplies and equipment, and overseeing building and equipment maintenance. Good managerial and administrative skills, ability to communicate with others, ability to work in a team are important to succeed in this field. A graduate in any stream can apply for this course. However, preference is usually given to MBBS, B. Pharm, BSc, MSc, BAMS, BHMS, or MBA degree holders.

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Careers in Human Development

Human Development is an interdisciplinary subject that focuses on the development of individuals across the lifespan. It encompasses subjects such child development, psychology, social psychology, social welfare, early childhood care and so forth. ABC can take up home science and get a bachelor's degree in human development. To practice in this field, she will have to complete her post graduation in the same.

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Careers in Indian Navy

Women can enter the Indian Navy through the Short Service Commission into a few selected departments such as Law, Logistics, ATC & Education Branches/Cadres.

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Careers in Image Consulting

Image Consulting is an upcoming profession which is considerably in demand. An Image Consultant's job is to help people develop the right image, taking their appearance, background and profession into account. They work on enhancing both the physical appearances well as the behavioural aspects that make an impact on others. Thus, they help people decide what colours would look best on them, what kind of outfits to wear, suggest hairstyle changes and so forth. Apart from this, they also look into diction, language skills, body language, table manners and etiquette as well. ABC will need to decide which of the above aspects she wishes to specialise in, and then work towards the same. Presently, there are few university recognised courses available in India for this field; she can opt for a diploma or certificate programme offered by private institutes. Success in this field calls for excellent communication and networking skills, a well developed aesthetic sense, an eye for colour, and a knack for figuring out what would suit best on a person. Additionally, it is important to have a professional image in order to lend credibility.

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Careers in Indian Foreign Service

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is part of the group of the Indian civil services. As a career diplomat, the Foreign Service Officer is required to project India's social, political, economic, trade and investment interests. Entry to the IFS is via the Civil Services Examination, a common examination for recruitment to this service. It consists of a preliminary examination, a main examination and personal interview. The minimum age is 21 years and upper age limit is 28 years of present. A graduate in any discipline is eligible to take the examination. The examination is very competitive and one requires good intellectual functioning as well as above average analytical ability. One should also have a bold and outgoing personality, and the ability to network and interact with people in a tactful and diplomatic manner.

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Careers in Cricket Commentator

A Cricket Commentator closely follows live cricket matches and gives commentary on the goings on either for the Radio or the Television, which can thus be accessed by thousands of spectators. Excellent verbal ability, a good command over language, good diction, presence of mind, and above all, a thorough knowledge of the game are vital prerequisites for becoming a successful cricket commentator. Most successful cricket commentators are past cricketers, and thus have excellent technical knowledge of the game. It is difficult, though not impossible, for non-cricketers to get entry into this field. There are no specialized training courses either, which train individuals for this profession. The All India Radio (AIR) occasionally has examinations to select commentators for commentary on the radio. This could be a good starting point, and ABC get in touch with the local AIR centre to inquire about the trials. He could also attend voice workshops in order to enhance his diction and delivery. This is an unconventional career choice, and it is recommended that ABC also continue his formal education in another field of interest while at the same time, pursue this goal.

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