Careers in Commerce

Careers in Accounting Technician

Accounting Technician: ABC can become an Accounting Technician by appearing for the CPT and IPCCE, thereafter qualifying for the accounting technician exam after nine months of study and training. A year's experience under the guidance of a CA is mandatory. One needs to have good numerical and reasoning abilities and a flair and liking for accounts to succeed in the same.

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Careers in Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is a field that applies mathematical and statistical techniques to finance and insurance. It is primarily concerned with risk assessment. An actuary is thus involved in the designing of insurance and premium plans, deciding premium rates, minimising loss and maximising gains for his company. This is a demanding career and calls for excellent problem solving skills, the ability to think naturally, superior analytical and numerical abilities. In order to study Actuarial Science, one can either take up a Bachelor's degree in Acturial Science or Mathematics and Statistics. To practice as an actuary, one needs to become a fellow of the Acturial Society of India, and would need to pass the relevant exams for the same.

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Careers in Bachelor of Accounts and Finance

The Bachelor of Accounts and Finance (BAF) course focuses on aspects of accounting, auditing, taxation, financial management, forex management, business law, financial management and so forth. The 3 year course is recognised by the University of Mumbai and can be done after HSC. A keen interest in accounts and sound reasoning and numerical abilities are needed to succeed in this field. Post BAF, one can take up post graduate studies in management or take up specialised professional courses such as CA, CS, ICWA, management accounting certifications, CFA and so forth.

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Careers in Bachelor of Banking and Insurance

The University of Mumbai offers the Bachelor of Banking and Insurance course. The BBI is a three year course that provides students with basic understanding about the banking and insurance sector and aims to familiarise students with the operational environment in this field. The course focuses on financial management, law, management accounting, international banking, security analysis and insurance and so forth. Post BBI, one can do careers in banking, insurance, actuarial science, management studies, stock broking, sectoral MBAs in banking & insurance, capital markets and so forth. One can also look at foreign certifications such as CFA or CIMA. One can also take up CA, CS or ICWA.

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Careers in Bachelor in Financial Markets

ABC can opt for the Bachelor in Financial Markets (BFM) after class 12. The BFM course focuses on aspects of securities, commodities, debt markets, mutual funds, capital markets, corporate finance and so forth. The 3 year course is recognised by the University of Mumbai and can be done after HSC. A keen interest in accounts and sound reasoning and numerical abilities are needed to succeed in this field.

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Careers in Certified Investment Banker

Certified Investment Banker: One can opt for a Post Graduate Diploma Program in Investment Banking and then register with the Society of Certified Investment Bankers (SCIB) in order to become a Certified Investment Banker. Eligibility for this programme is graduation in any discipline. Duration of this course is one year. The program covers all the important topics related to investment banking, Economics and Financial Markets and Managing Investment Banking. The students who successfully complete the program can seek wide career opportunities in the following areas: Capital Markets & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Consultancy Services.

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Careers in Certified Treasury Manager

Certified Treasury Manager: One can opt for a Post Graduate Diploma Program in Treasury and Forex Management and then register with the Association of Certified Treasury Managers (ACTM) in order to become a Certified Treasury Managers (CTM). This course is designed to prepare students/ executives for a challenging career in treasury, forex and related fields. To succeed in these areas, candidates should possess mathematical aptitude, computer skills and the ability to withstand work pressure. The CTM Program may be completed in a period of one year. The enrolment of a candidate in the CTM Program is valid for three years from the date of enrolment. The program covers all the important topics related to treasury management, risk management and foreign exchange management.

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Careers in Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is concerned with audit, taxation and accounting. Success as a chartered accountant requires high numerical and analytical abilities. A genuine love for working with numbers, a methodical and detail oriented approach, perseverance, and the ability to make sense of numerical data are also paramount. To become a CA, the first step is to enrol for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) after completing class X. Following this, a student has to go through the IPCCE, do his 3 year internship, and pass the final CA exam to qualify as a CA. A CA can specialise in Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Corporate Laws or Taxation. A CA is highly sought after and in demand in various organisations, or can even set up independent practice.

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Careers in Company Secretary

A Company Secretary needs to have an integrated knowledge of many disciplines such as law, management, finance and so forth. The job of a CS is basically to advise the management on various legal aspects of business. It is a job that calls for good numerical abilities and analytical abilities. In addition, one also needs to possess good communication skills, since one has to interact extensively with the management. After completing HSC from any stream (except Fine Arts), one has to first complete the foundation course, then the intermediate course, and then appear for the final exam.

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Careers in Cost and Management Accountancy

Cost and Management Accountancy is concerned with helping the organization stabilize its budget and standards, evaluate operational efficiency, formulate profit and planning programme, study cost and profit variance and so forth. One needs to be meticulous, should have good academic ability as well as sound numerical aptitude to be a cost and management accountant. One has to appear for the foundation level examination after completion of HSC. After this one can move to the intermediate as well as final level. Alternately, the study can also be considered after graduation.

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Careers in Equity Research

ABC can consider the field of Equity Research. Equity Researchers work for various organizations like investment banks, mutual funds, financial institutions, stock brokers, financial newspapers, financial websites and so forth. They can also work as Independent Financial Advisors to people who need professional expertise for managing their wealth. As an equity researcher, one has to use various financial models, tools and techniques to arrive at simple decisions like buying or selling or standing still regarding the particular stock. ABC can opt for a course in equity research after completing graduation.

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Careers in Financial Analysis

Entry route to the field of Financial Analysis can be through the CFA course, conducted by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI). Work options are available in corporate sectors, banks, finance and leasing companies and in the insurance sector. Success in this field calls for good numerical and analytical abilities. The three year course can be done either through a distance education mode or through regular classes. One needs to be a graduate in order to enrol into the foundation course. Financial management and accounting, investment management, tax planning, financial applications, corporate finance is covered under the CFA program. A CFA's job is to help organisations take decisions in the above mentioned areas, based on a quantitative analysis of relevant data.

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Careers in Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) offers Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) to test and certify people in specialised areas like derivatives, debt markets, depository operations, and so on, for manning the terminals at stock exchanges or working with banks and mutual fund companies in the financial market. Eligibility for this course is HSC and familiarity with computers. The certification is only valid for 3 years after which one has to re-appear the test to continue as a broker.

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Careers in Economics

Economics is the study of how goods and services are produced and distributed, thereby including the study of production processes as well as distribution processes. Economists also study the most effective means of utilizing

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