Careers in Science

Careers in Astronomy

Astronomy is a branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole. The career path to this field begins with a 10+2 with PCM. Above average intelligence, high mathematical ability, and a sound understanding of the principals and applications of physics is mandatory for success in this field. An astrophysicist studies the behaviour of astronomical phenomena and related physiochemical interactions. Their work includes study of cosmology plasma, kinetics and so forth. One needs to have a scientific bent of mind, patience, perseverance as well as precision. The temperament to put in long hours in research and observations is also important. One needs to have a superior understanding of maths as well as physics. ABC will have to complete his graduation in physics and then opt for a Masters' in Astrophysics or Astronomy. He can then appear for the Joint Entrance Screening Test, to become eligible for a Ph.D.

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Careers in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering deals with the design, construction and maintenance of aircrafts. Aeronautical engineers make use of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems to make better and faster aircrafts and space crafts. High mechanical, analytical and numerical aptitudes, ability to work under pressure, sound knowledge of spatial principles, an eye for detail and a systematic approach towards work are paramount for success in this field. One can opt for a B.E. or a B. Tech. course after 10+2 (PCM) or could also pursue a diploma in the same after 10th. Those who hold diplomas in aeronautical engineering can work as technicians for supervision, maintenance, and installation of machineries for aircrafts. Entry to most of the institutes for this engineering course after XII is via competitive entrance exams such as AIEEE/IIT-JEE/ AMIE. Further specializations can be pursued at the postgraduate level.

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Careers in Electronic engineering

Electronic engineering deals with the principles and concepts of electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors to design, fabricate, test and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipments and to develop instruments and devices that use extremely small amounts of power for specific purposes for industries. Above average understanding of engineering, mathematical and physics principles, high analytical aptitudes and creative problem solving skills are paramount for success in this field. One can opt for it either after X as a diploma course or opt for a degree course after 10+2 science (PCM). Entry to most of the institutes for this engineering course after XII is via competitive state/ national entrance exams such as MH-EN-CET/ASSO-CET/AIEEE/IIT-JEE/ BIT-SAT.

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Careers in Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the application of chemistry to the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. Biochemistry can be studied as a post - HSC course. The course focuses on molecular biology, human physiology , immunology, bio-organic chemistry, and so forth. Future career avenues include careers in paramedical science, biotechnology, forensic science, food science and therapy, bioinformatics and so forth. High analytical thinking and a scientific bent of mind are needed for success in this field.

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Careers in Biology

Biology entails the study of life. Biosciences encompass careers such as life sciences, microbiology, zoology, botany, genetics, aquatic sciences, environmental sciences and so forth. Biologists are involved in applied research develop and improve medical, industrial or agricultural processes. Sound reasoning abilities and a keen interest in the field of research are needed for success in this field.

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Careers in Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of using digital technology to identify individuals based on unique physical and/or biological qualities. There are many types of biometrics, but among the most common are scanning fingerprints, voices, faces, retinas or irises. Entry routes could be via medicine, bio-statistics, microbiology, genetics and so forth. High analytical and numerical abilities are necessary for entry into this field. XYZ can complete his graduation in any of the biosciences and then opt for a post graduate degree in biometrics.

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Careers in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, covering biomedical research, microbiology, physics, chemistry, and engineering. It is the application of biology to produce substances useful to man. Biotechnologists are involved in gene therapy, fertility control, improving food nutritional value, reducing pollution, increasing livestock productivity and so forth. High analytical and reasoning skills are paramount for success. Biotechnology requires intense hard work, perseverance and challenge for achieving results. It requires interpretative skills, logical mind and good verbal communication. One can take up biotechnology as an undergraduate specialization at the B.Sc. level after HSC in science. Alternately, one can also opt for an engineering degree (BE or B.Tech.) in biotechnology.

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Careers in Psychology

Psychology is the discipline that adopts a systematic approach to the understanding of people and their behavior. It incorporates the study of perception, memory, emotions, motives and attitudes. Psychologists apply this

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Careers in chemistry

The field of chemistry involves the study of the composition of substances, their structure as well as their properties. Chemistry also studies how different substances can be combined to make new substances. One could specialize in areas such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, industrial chemistry and so forth. Good analytical ability, a problem solving approach, and good understanding of numerical principles is necessary for success in this field. ABC will have to take up science after completing class 10.

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Careers in Clinical research

Clinical research comprises the study of drugs or biological devices on human subjects to discover potential beneficial effects as well as to determine the safety and efficiency of a drug. A scientific bent of mind, interest in research as well as good observational skills are needed to be successful in this field. Students wishing to pursue a career in clinical research must have a graduate or a postgraduate degree in microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and life science. One could also have a medical or pharmaceutical background. After completing one's graduation in any of the above, one has to opt fot the M.Sc. in clinical research.

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Careers in Environmental Science

Environmental Science concerns itself with the study of plants, flora and fauna, animals, and pollution. One must have an intense concern for environmental preservation and ecology and sensitivity for protection of the environment, repercussions of issues concerning environmental degradation and pollution. Environmentalists must have a wide general knowledge, a scientific bent of mind and perseverance to work for a cause. One is also required to have good communication skills as well as skills for report writing. ABC can opt for a B.Sc. in environmental science after completing his HSC in science (PCB).

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Careers in Floriculture

Floriculture is the science of flora. In other words, it is that specialization in horticulture which focuses on growing, harvesting, and marketing of flowers and other greenhouse plants. This field is fairly in demand these days, and floriculturalists are sought by the hotel industry, builders and developers, the government (for planning gardens). Alternately a floriculturalist can set up a private consultancy and work free lance. A genuine love for plants and flowers, good aesthetic sense, the ability to handle plant life delicately and lovingly are important for success in this field. ABC can pursue his B.Sc. in Horticulture after completing his HSC in Science (PCB) and specialise in Floriculture.

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Careers in Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology is the science of food processing. It is concerned with the preservation, processing, storing and delivering of foods. A food technologist applies his scientific knowledge to finding better ways to preserve and store food stuff. A scientific approach, an analytical mind, and a genuine interest in food are necessary for success in this field. XYZ can opt for a degree course in Food Technology after completing his HSC in Science. Alternately, this course can also be pursued as a post graduate diploma after completing graduation in an allied field (such as microbiology, home science, Chemistry and so forth).

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Careers in Forensic scientists

Forensic scientists are concerned with the analysis, identification, and classification of physical evidence in criminal cases. They investigate the site of crime to look for evidence. Success in this field calls for a good detail orientation, meticulous and organised work, scientific temperament, objective approach and good analytical ability. Most universities offer an M.Sc in Forensic Science that is open to science graduates.

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Careers in Genetics

Genetics is the study of genes. Genetic scientists conduct research for identifying genes in plant, animal and human tissue samples. They also conduct research that attempts to find potential cures. High intellectual ability, excellent analytical ability, perseverance, good numerical reasoning and a research based approach are necessary to be successful in this field. This field can be pursued after BSc or medicine as a postgraduate specialization.

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Careers in Geology

Geology is the study of earth. A geologist studies the materials of which earth is made, their structures, and the processes acting upon them. Geologists work to understand the earth's history. One could either specialize as marine geologist, mineralogist, hydrologist, and so forth. Success in this field calls for scientific acumen, good observation skills, an analytical and investigative approach, precision and good numerical ability. Geology can be pursued as a degree course after completing HSC in Science (PCM). One can also go on to do post graduation in the same.

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Careers in Horticulture

Horticulture deals with growing of fruits, flowers, vegetables, tubercrops, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants, mushrooms, plantation crops, spices, and so on. A horticulturist can conduct experiments on problems of breeding, production, storage, processing, and transit of fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables, flowers, bushes and trees. Horticulturists can pursue opportunities in research, teaching, or in entrepreneurship, and even utilize their knowledge & expertise in private consultancies and the government. In commercial horticulture, graduates would be recruited for the management of glass houses, fruit farms and vegetable farms. Horticulturist may also work in landscape and garden designing, which includes design and construction of new gardens and regular maintenance of existing gardens. One needs to have love for plants and the environment, and most importantly persistence. As one is dealing with living things, one needs to be really interested in the subject. One needs to have sound general mental ability to pursue this field. Horticulture can be pursued after completing HSC in sicence (PCB).

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Careers in Indian Defence Services

An important part of the Indian Defence Services, the Indian Navy protects the nation's coastal borders from invasion. One is required to complete HSC with physics and maths in order to gain entry into this defence stream. This option is open only to unmarried male candidates, who can then specialize in the field of marine engineering, electrical engineering or naval architecture. The candidates should be in the age group of 16.5-19 years at the time of joining the course. Selection is on the basis of the academic performance and SSB interview. The selected candidates then complete a 4-year engineering course from the Naval College of Engineering at Lonavala and on successful completion of the course they are awarded a B.Tech. degree. Alternately, one can complete one's professional education, and then join the Navy as a professional.

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Careers in Marine Biologists

Marine Biologists study animal and plant life under water. They study aquatic life in great detail, and are interested in knowing how life develops under water and how it interacts with and adapts to its environment. A marine biologist's job is highly research based, and one needs to have the right temperament to put in long hours in the laboratory or on the field. In addition, a genuine interest in marine flora and fauna, good observational skills, and above average numerical ability is necessary for success in this field. One can opt for a bachelor's degree in Marine Biology or Marine Sciences after completing HSC in Science. Alternately, this can be pursued as a post graduate course after completing B.Sc. in an allied stream.

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Careers in Merchant Navy

A career in Merchant Navy will start as a deck cadet (the lowest order in the hierarchy). One has to do just about everything from deck maintenance, looking after ship equipment, cargo handling to ship handling (docking, undocking and manoeuvring). One is also trained in handling emergencies and paper work. One has to do H.S.C. or B.Sc. with Maths and Physics as one's main subjects from a recognized university. Life in the Merchant Navy attracts many youths due to the glamour attached to it as well as the attractive remuneration. However, ABC should keep in mind that this is a field that calls for considerable hard work, long periods away from family and loved ones, good presence of mind to deal with emergencies at sea and high stress resilience.

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Careers in microbiologist

A microbiologist is a scientist who studies living micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae, viruses, protozoa and so forth. They study the relationship of such microbes with humans, animals and plants. Microbiology has its applications in varied fields such as medicine, agriculture, ecology, food industry and so forth. A strong interest in biological sciences, sound analytical and reasoning abilities are paramount for success in this field. ABC can opt for a B.Sc. in microbiology after completing HSC in Science. He can then go on to specialize in virology, bacteriology, mycology and so forth.

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Careers in Commercial aviation

Commercial aviation: A pilot's job is specialized and requires intense training. Pilots have to do precise calculations of take off and landing. Their work includes briefing the crew, supervising and loading and refuelling. Student pilot license requires completion of SSC. Private pilot license requires 10+2. Commercial pilot requires 10+2 with physics and maths. Flying requires grit, presence of mind, courage, physical fitness, and self-confidence. Good sense of spatial orientation is also required.

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